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We are a young and fun bunch of photographers that have decided that the photobooths in the current market are just not good enough.  We want better quality photos and prints, and we want to share it, post it and tweet it now!  So we decided our very own…

How many people can you fit in our Photobooth?

The highest record is 17! Our wonderful Smugshots photobooth is actually not a “booth” at all! It is a standalone unit. You stand in front of the unit, it is all touch screen operated and takes your photos all by itself. You can see yourself in the screen so you can fit as many people in the shoot as you can manage!  Lets try to break the record!

Theme party?

We have a big library of goodies (props and backdrops) which we can bring along.  If it is something that we don’t already have, we can custom print and make it happen!  So Contact us and we can work it all out for you.

The boring technical stuff…

Our photobooth uses a professional DSLR camera to ensure the quality of the images. We also use lab quality photo paper for our printouts which will last 99 years when stored correctly.

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