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How much space do you need to setup the Photo Booth?

We need roughly a 2m x 2m space to setup the booth. If we have more space, we can fit more people in the photo!

What backdrop can I choose?

We normally setup the booth against a plain wall.  You’ll notice you won’t really see the background when people start standing in front of it.  We do have a red curtain that we can provide, please do let us know beforehand if you’d like one set up.

Can I design my own print out stripes?

Yes you can! We can provide you a template for your DIY stripes.

Does your booth come with an attendant?

Yes it does!  Our booths come with a smart attendant who will setup up the booth and stay with it for the duration of the session.

How long does it take you to setup the booth?

We normally allow 45 minutes to setup the booth.  Our setup is very straight forward, if it’s an easy load in, then it normally takes 15 minutes to setup it up and have it ready for action!

Can we have a intermission during our session booking?

Sorry, but once the session starts, we do not provide “breaks”.

Can we setup the booth outdoor?

We strongly against setting the booth outdoor.  Firstly it is not healthy for our booth to be out exposed to the varied weather.  Also with the lighting changes it can affect the quality of the photos.

We would like the booth to be setup a before the guest arrive, but we we start the session a couple of hours into the party?

Yes, of course.  We have an “idle” charge for such situations.   The rate is $85 per hour.  That way you can have the setup completed at a time you request, but only start the session till you are ready!

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